The 56 Deluxe!
Gift Cards & Greeting Cards!

If your gift cards are not on display - then "Get them out of the drawer - and Onto the Floor! With our, most popular, versatile, and profitable card display. This "upgrade", which is essentially the addition of 6 more trays, is just one more way we're helping you sell more gift cards! And yes, it still includes "generic" gift card backers and adhesives.
The retail footprint is about the size of a large golf bag. The display has a 17x17 inch base and measures 70 inches in height. Our standard display is a black finish and includes eye-catching strips for the columns and display sign for the top. Our "Signature" display showcases a diverse selection of 56 designs.

Easy to install pockets
, Free merchandising backer for your
store gift cards, and increase your sales of gift cards!
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