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Unlocking the Power of Reprographics

Duck Press Media Solutions is Your One-Stop Shop for Professional Printing Solutions. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and individuals require reliable and efficient solutions for creating high-quality printed materials. Reprographics services offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to these needs, providing accurate reproductions of documents, drawings, blueprints, and other essential materials. Here are four ways we help streamline the process:

Drop Off Order on USB Drive or Plans to Scan
Drop-off / Upload Your Files

From start to finish, we help facilitate the job and ensure it is done to your specifications. We’ll even pick up your printed plans for reproduction. Ask about our Planroom.

Reorder Plans Prints from Phone or Desktop Computer
Re-Order from Your Phone

Jobs you have uploaded are stored in our Planroom for future access. Reordering is easy. Simply login to your account from your phone or computer and order reprints.  

Have Plans Prints Delivered
Plan Pickup or Delivery

Whether you have physical plans that need to be scanned or have a job we’ve completed and want to avoid the hassle of picking them up. Either way, we’ll come to you! 

Afterhours Pickup or Dropoff Plans Prints in Overnight Lockers
Pick-up After Business Hours

We can’t always get everything done before the close of business. In the case you want to pick up your plans after 5 or before 8, we have lockers out front to hold your job for you.

What Exactly is Reprographics?

Reprographics, also known as document reproduction, encompasses the duplication and management of various physical and digital documents. This diverse field involves a wide range of technologies and techniques, including:

• Large format printing: Creating oversized prints for banners, blueprints, architectural drawings, and other large-scale applications.

• Scanning and digitizing: Converting physical documents into digital formats for easy storage, sharing, and accessibility.

• Copying and finishing: Replicating documents in various sizes and quantities, with options for binding, folding, and laminating.

• Plot printing: Generating high-precision prints of technical drawings, engineering plans, and maps.

• Digital printing: Utilizing advanced printers to produce high-resolution copies of documents, presentations, posters, and marketing materials.

Why Choose Reprographics Services?

Reprographics services offer numerous advantages for businesses and individuals alike, including:

• Accuracy and consistency: Ensuring precise reproductions of essential documents without compromising quality or detail.

• Efficiency and speed: Streamlining the printing process and delivering projects promptly, even for large volumes.

• Cost-effectiveness: Providing a cost-efficient alternative to in-house printing, particularly for occasional or specialized needs.

• Convenience and flexibility: Offering a wide range of services and options to cater to diverse project requirements.

• Expertise and professionalism: Benefitting from the knowledge and experience of skilled technicians who ensure optimal results.

Top 3 Questions

Top 3 Questions People Ask About Reprographics:

1. What types of documents can be reproduced?

Business documents: contracts, proposals, presentations, brochures, marketing materials.

Technical drawings: blueprints, engineering plans, schematics, architectural drawings.

Maps and charts: geographical maps, topographical maps, statistical charts, graphs.

Photos and images: product photos, marketing images, historical photographs, personal photos.

2. What are the different printing options available?

Black and white printing: Ideal for text-based documents, forms, and presentations.

Color printing: Creates vibrant and eye-catching visuals for marketing materials, posters, and presentations.

Large format printing: Produces oversized prints for banners, signs, displays, and architectural drawings.

Booklet printing: Binds individual sheets into professional-looking booklets for reports, manuals, and presentations.

Binding and finishing: Adds a polished touch to printed materials with options for stapling, folding, laminating, and binding.

3. How can I ensure the quality of my printed materials?

Choose a reputable reprographics company: Look for a company with a proven track record of excellence and expertise.

Provide high-resolution files: Submit clear and legible digital files for optimal printing results.

Communicate your specific needs: Clearly articulate your desired results, including color preferences, finishing options, and deadlines.

Request samples: Ask for printed samples to confirm the quality and color accuracy before proceeding with the full project.

Duck Press Media Solutions: Your Trusted Partner for All Your Reprographics Needs

At Duck Press Media Solutions

We understand the critical role reprographics services play in various industries and individual projects. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality printing solutions. 

Large Format Paper Fed Scanner
Digital Printing

From business cards and brochures to presentations and posters, we produce vibrant and professional-looking prints tailored to your needs.

Large Format Printing

Create impactful banners, signs, and displays for trade shows, events, and advertising campaigns.  

Scanning and Digitizing

Preserve your physical documents in digital formats for easy access, storage, and sharing.

Copying and Finishing

Replicate documents efficiently with various size options and professional finishing touches.

Plot Printing

Generate accurate and detailed prints of technical drawings, blueprints, and architectural plans.

Duck Press Ink Splotch

Print Today. Build Tomorrow.

Duck Press Media Solutions is a leader in digital reprographics technologies & services. Locally-owned and operated, with combined 30-years experience producing building plans in southern Arizona, your project will receive the attention it deserves at the speed of business with quick-turnaround. Call us today to discuss your job, we’re happy to hear from you. (520) 795-1700.