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Vehicle Graphics

To Wrap or Not to Wrap.

Are you a small business, sole-proprietor with a single vehicle daily driver or a larger operation with a fleet of vehicles with various years, makes and models? Our team will assess you marketing needs and determine if wrapping your vehicle is inline with your branding / advertising efforts. Our methods are as follows:

Design with Purpose.

From start to finish, we’ll help make certain the job is done right and for the right reason, to help ensure you maximize your marketing dollars.


Do I wash / wax it? I have diamond-coating or already have graphics on it… We’ll tell you what condition your vehicle needs to be in prior to drop-off. 

Post-Installation Care

Can I run it through a regular car wash? Do I need to keep it in covered parking? All questions we’ll answer, it is after all an investment in your marketing! 

Enjoy the Publicity

Drivers taking a second look at your vehicle? These potential leads have to go somewhere. Be sure your other marketing materials are up-to-date!

Chevy Silverado AirZona Zona Plumbing Vehicle Wrap


Wraps are great for business because they get your message to a wider group of people without waiting for them to discover you online. 

Vehicle wraps increase the visibility of your business many times over. Every time you're driving your wrapped vehicle on the road, hundreds of potential customers are seeing your message. Even parked, your business message is being seen by people who walk or drive past your vehicle.

Vehicle Wrap Benefitsa

• Unmatched visibility to potential customers
• Leaves a lasting impression
• A colorful, eye-catching mobile billboard
• Cost-effective marketing tool
• Levels the playing field between small and big business

Why Duck Press?a

Top Quality Print, Lamination and Installation!

Duck Press Media Solutions uses the latest state-of-the-art HP Large Format printers that utilize 6 colors (including white) which most in the industry do not have. This is why our banners are the brightest, our vehicle wraps are vibrant, and all of our outdoor printed materials stand up best to the intense Southern Arizona sun.

Need a vehicle wrap Design?

Book your appointment with our vehicle graphic design specialist, Michael Wedepohl, and let’s get the process moving. (520) 795-1700.

Vehicle Wrap DUCKY1 Before After

Vehicle Wrap Resources


1. The vehicle must be free of dirt and debris. Wash the vehicle the day before the install date. Washing it the morning of installation will leave water trapped in panels which may affect the wrap.
2. Do not use wax with the wash as the wrap will not stick.

PLEASE NOTE: If the vehicle has a ceramic coating, the wrap may have difficulty adhering to the vehicle.


1. Clean Your Wrap Regularly: Cleaning your wrap on a regular bases is essential for maintaining the appearance and condition of the wrap.
Use a gentle soap with water or specialized vinyl cleaner to keep the wraps condition up.
Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that could damage the vinyl.
2. Dry Thoroughly: After washing, dry your vehicle completely.
This is especially important in areas with hard water or high humidity levels.
Water droplets can leave mineral deposits on the film, dulling its finish over time.
3. Avoid Parking In Harsh Conditions: Avoid parking your car under direct sunlight for extended periods, especially in a hot climate.
This can cause the vinyl material to fade at a faster rate, and may lead to cracking or peeling over time.
Park in shaded areas or use a covered garage whenever possible.
4. Get the Damage Fixed: While car wraps are durable, they can still get damaged from exposure to weather conditions or accidents on the road. Ignoring these damages can lead to more significant problems later on, such as peeling or fading of the wrap material. Any damage can compromise the integrity of your car wrap and potentially cause further damage over time.
Getting damages fixed will help maintain your car wrap's overall appearance and effectiveness.
5. Hand Wash Your Car: Avoid using automatic car washes as they use harsh chemicals and brushes that can damage the wrap.
Hand washing is best for cleaning and maintaining the quality of the wrap.
Using a soft micro-fiber towel or sponge with mild soap and water is recommended.

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